Artisan Cheese Courses

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With the ever growing selection of domestic and imported cheeses, over 400 and counting, we have compiled these cheeses into courses with the greatest of care. Each course contains a complement of taste, texture and/or origin.

American Classics Course
Combining some of the best domestic cheeses for classic flavor and texture, this course has exceptional quality and taste to please a multitude of palates. Pair this with Sherry or a nice red or use as a table cheeses or pizza toppings. Great on top of crusty bread or with other earthy over tones.

California Farmstead Course
Featuring a few of California’s best cheese makers, showing what makes California one of the US’s premier cheese making regions. Pair with Sherry or Reds, can be used as table cheeses or as a topping on salads, pizza and crusty bread. Try it with salami, olives or mushrooms.

Heartland Course
Hand-selected artisan cheeses from the best producers in the Midwest region. Each cheese is handcrafted using traditional processes. This course features a broad variety of flavors from farms across America’s heartland.

Artisan Award Winners Course
Comprised of some of the most decorated and celebrated cheese maker’s cheeses in the US, this course showcases some of the best cultured creations for the New World. Serve these cheeses with White or Red wine accompanied with fruits, olives, salami and crusty bread.

Britsh Isles Course
This course has its own charming quirks. Featuring the unique flavors and styles that are a part of the rich cheese making traditions of the Britsh Isles. A sparkling wine, Cabernet Sauvignon or fruit juice will pair well with these cheeses.It is also scrumptious on salads or served with pears, raisins, figs, walnuts or nut breads.
French Course
A taste of the French countryside, this course showcases some of France’s best fromage. Drink a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir with these cheeses and serve as a snack with salami and fruit or on a sandwich.

Italian Course
This course will create images in your head of a warm, twilight-lit evening on the Italian countryside. This course can add a flavorful and savory touch to just about any dish.  Try grating over pastas, potatoes, salads or melt on quesadillas and pizza. These cheeses would be great while drinking a glass of Merlot, cider or cranberry and sparkling grape juice.

Spanish Course
This course represents just a few of Spain’s best. Cheeses with beautiful shapes, sizes, exquisite engraved rinds and flavors of smoke and spices. Drink red wine with this course. Serve these cheeses as an appetizer with fresh rosemary and a drizzle of olive oil alongside sun-dried tomatoes, olives, crusty bread and salami.

European Artisan Course
This course is composed of some of the best cheeses of Europe, showcasing a wonderful variety of complex flavors and styles. An oaky white or red wine complement these cheeses, along with apples, pears, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, salami and crusty bread.