Innovation In Specialty Foods Since 1983

As a family-owned business, Paris Brothers Specialty Foods is a unique and unparalleled service company within the specialty foods industry. We focus on “passion” products; those unique, high quality, exquisite tasting items that consistently provide high satisfaction and a unique product mix in both retail and foodservice. Why? Because we love it, of course. We strive to find unique, premier quality items and use our creativity and well-seasoned expertise to bring them to market both efficiently and effectively.

Like many entrepreneurial stories, we began with an idea and a few willing customers and over the years, built our business by thinking creatively, being committed to the highest standards of quality and providing unmatched customer service. From crafted, local items to those sourced throughout the world, we represent specialty goods in many channels including; independent grocery and specialty retailers, independent and chain restaurants, national grocery retailers as well as national foodservice distributors.

Customized Solutions

Over the years, our business has evolved to include many value-added offerings. Services that support getting our products to market more efficiently and effectively. Today our business includes integrated services and sister companies that provide full supply-chain service from local distributing to warehousing, logistics, product development, private labeling, custom food manufacturing, brand development, retail operations and more.

Our central U.S. location and customized services make us fast, efficient and cost effective in representing specialty food products. We are confident that we are perfectly positioned to execute your strategies and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Logistics & Warehousing

Dedicated warehousing and logistics team to meet all your needs.

Product & Brand Development

Sell your product your way with our team of experts.

Central Location

Located in Kansas City for fast, reliable nationwide service.