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Small-Batch Kombucha & Cold Brew
Recyclable Kegs

The craft beverage scene is continually expanding and evolving, and cold brew coffee and kombucha are two of the trendiest and most requested of those beverages that consumers are now expecting at their favorite spots. Paris Brothers Specialty Foods is the only Kansas City distributor offering recyclable kombucha and cold brew kegs.

Enhance your draft options and expand your beverage offerings.


No Deposit Needed with Recyclable Kegs

Expand your restaurant or store’s offerings with new, on-tap beverages! Draft drinks encourage you to interact with and make a lasting impression on your customers by allowing beverage samples, custom sizes or self-service bottling stations.

Traditional stainless-steel kegs can be cumbersome, take up valuable inventory space and tie up capital. With our recyclable Petainer kegs, there are no deposits, no tied-up funds and as soon as it’s empty, it’s out of your inventory. On average, switching to Petainer kegs provides up to 40% savings in supply chain costs. We offer 1/6 Barrel (5.16 gal) keg size as well as 16oz Boston Round, 32oz Mini Growler and 64oz Growler Amber Glass Bottle options.

Paris Brothers carries only the best-of-the-best, premium kombucha and coffee products including all of the flavors your customers crave. From initial set-up to creating a custom-tailored solution for your business, our knowledgeable team is here for you. As the first and only local company to offer recyclable kegs in the Kansas City metro, we’re excited to work together to elevate your business with you.


On Tap & Retail Solutions with our Popular Brands

Health-Ade Kombucha

Small batch, cold-pressed and handcrafted. Health-Ade knows how to do excellent—and socially responsible—kombucha.

Certified USDA Organic, Vegan and Non-GMO.

Health-Ade offers four delicious flavors on tap and 10 glass retail bottle selections.
16oz and 64oz options available for select flavors.

Kombucha Keg Flavors

Pink Lady ApplePomegranateCalifornia GrapeOriginal

Kombucha Retail Bottle Flavors

Ginger LemonPink Lady AppleCayenne CleansePomegranatePower GreensMaca BerryCalifornia GrapeBlood Orange Carrot GingerSweet ThornJalapeno Kiwi Cucumber

16oz and 64oz options available for select flavors.


Kansas City Local! Lucky Elixir Kombucha

The couple behind Lucky Elixir are on a mission to make great tasting artisanal kombucha in order to provide the community with a local, healthy and sustainable beverage option.

Lucky Elixir sources all of their ingredients locally whenever possible. Their kombucha brew features four fantastic, healthful flavors with retail and recyclable keg options available.


Kombucha Keg Flavors

MangoBerry BlendHop'd PeachGinger Lime

Kombucha Retail Flavors

MangoBerry BlendHop'd PeachGinger Lime

Suja Organic Kombucha & Drinking Vinegars

Suja believes in creating delicious, functional beverages that are certified organic and feature plant-powered ingredients.

Drink to your health with Suja kombuchas and probiotic drinking vinegars.

Kombucha Retail Flavors

Ginger LemonMixed BerriesPeach GingerSuper Greens

Drinking Vinegar Retail Flavors

Strawberry BalsamicLemon CayennePeach Ginger

Cold Brew Coffee

Fans of the cold brew method are loyal due to the unique taste that you can't find with hot brew methods.

The cold brew method uses time instead of heat to extract a fuller, less acidic beverage.

Our 100% Arabica beans are steeped for a minimum of 18 hours, pulling out the sweeter and smoother flavors and leaving behind bitter oils and sour fatty acids.

Parisi Artisan Coffee Mother Earth Coffee
Kansas City favorite, Parisi Artisan Coffee,
offers a delicately smooth cold brew experience.
Made with direct trade coffee and
roasted locally for a creamy and rich brew.


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